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How to do seo marketing audit ottawa


Doing quality, in-depth research of your online properties will help you to:

  • Understand your current state of SEO properties
  • Know what can you do to improve your SEO rankings
  • Discover the most effective ways for your customers to find you
  • Effectively position your business against your competition
how to do keyword research ottawa

Topical Keyword Research

SEO changed. Researching the best keywords itself is not enough.

Today, SEO is about content quality, topical and semantic relevancy.

This requires a deeper and more technical dive into your target industry, specific behavior of your target audience, and your branding messages.

Growth Media‘s topical keyword research will give you:

  • Real-time insights into the current state of your SEO
  • A semantic and topical keyword strategy
  • Actionable steps on how to effectively position your company in a complex and growing SEO landscape
how to do seo competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis

Know your competitors’ digital marketing strategies better than they know them so you can be ahead at all times.

Get to know:

  • What is your competitors’ site traffic?

  • What keywords do they rank for?

  • How are their customers finding them?

  • How much do they spend on marketing?

  • What online tools do they use?

  • And more

how to develop and build backlinks strategy

Start Earning Backlinks

Backlinks are like election votes.

The more quality backlinks you earn, the more potential you have for search engines to rank your website higher. Over time, backlinks will increase your website’s authority.

Investing into backlink earning will help you to:

  • Improve your rankings
  • Help you identify your online communities
  • Drive more organic traffic to your website
How to do onsite and website seo

 On-Site Optimization

Optimizing your website for SEO is a vital necessity.

It allows your customers to search for your business easily and find key information on your website intuitively -all of which adds to a better customer experience! Here are a few tasks that involve on-site optimization:

  • Optimizing title tags, descriptions & URLs
  • Compressing content & adding alt texts
  • Improving internal linking
  • Adding markup schemas
  • And more

I Want My Customers to Find My Business Easily

How to Improve My SEO Ranking and Drive More Traffic?


We have answers.

How can SEO work for my business?

Properly optimized SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) will help your customers find your online business better.

SEO will help you provide your customers with education about your product or service, answer your customers’ questions and drive more qualified leads to your business.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

From our experience, it can take anywhere from a 4-12 month to start ranking and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Compare to advertising, SEO is a long-term play.

To verify this information, watch this video from Maile Ohye from Google:

How do you measure SEO success?

Great question! SEO success can be measured by the following factors:

  • Consistent increase in your organic traffic and your conversion rates
  • Improvement of your keywords ranking
  • Overall organic presence visibility

What makes Growth Media different from other Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal SEO agencies?

The purpose of marketing is to make more money or let other people talking about your business.

Our team has a valuable experience working in tech startup environment so we understand that driving results is all that matters. 

Aside, we invest into continuous education, remaining always informed about the latest tactics or SEO strategy.

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