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how to map and develop customer journey

Map Your Customer Journey

What do your initial visitors experience along their journey to become your customers?

A customer journey mapping puts your buying process into perspective. It will allow you to clearly see your customers’ point of view and capture their perceptions and decision behavior.

We will help you to strategically improve your customer buying journey, making the overall customer experience truly delightful.

what is marketing bot and how to use it

Integrate Marketing Bots

Implementing bots within your customer support process or e-commerce entity can:

  • Significantly save your time
  • Lower your operational expenses
  • Help you to support your decisions with data
  • Help your company be more agile
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors

80% of respondents believe AI improves worker performance and creates jobs.

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Practice Email Marketing

For many businesses, email marketing gives them the best ROI.

We have experience creating a full-scale email marketing automation process. Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep your audience engaged and to also nurture and close leads.

Our email marketing campaign includes customization for lead scoring, lead segmentation and very sophisticated workflows.

how and why to use marketing automation ottawa

Automate Your Marketing Process

The more you automate your business workflow, the more efficient you will be.

We are well experienced in designing marketing automation workflows for individuals as well as large teams.

You can choose any pre-selected templates from IFTTT, Zappier or we can code a custom automation solution specifically designed for you.

Start using marketing automation tools to automate your day-to-day manual burden and make your processes more agile.

Start Nurturing Your Leads Today

Make your business to be the top-of-mind for your customers.


We have answers.

How can marketing automation benefit your business?

Automating parts of your marketing and sales process can save you a significant amount of time, lower your expenses and reduce manual errors.

Today, the possibilities of marketing automation are almost endless.

You can automate your:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Sales funnels
  • Communication with your customers
  • And more…

How much time can marketing automation save you?

Great question!

The answer depends from business to business. Thinking about how much time do you spend doing things manually should give you an answer to how much time can you save.

After implementing marketing automation at Growth Media, we estimated an approximate of 75% time savings on tasks we used to do manually.

Is marketing automation easy to set up?

Marketing automation projects can range from very easy to extremely complex scenarios.

The bottom line is that we bring the technical expertise to implement a fully working solution.

What marketing automation tools we recommend using?

Depending on the size and workflow of your business, we can recommend the tools that would make the best fit according to your budget and requirements.

Our team had tested dozens of out of box tools and has also an ability to create custom tools from scratch.