7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn Code to be Badass in Marketing

7 Reason Why you Need To Learn How To Code

Times are always changing.

And so I am asking myself: what will differentiate outstanding marketers from “okay” marketers in the future?

What I realized inspired this article.

Let me explain.

Marketing used to be considered a “creative” career.

But there is no doubt that marketing is becoming more data-driven and technical. Creativity, along with social, economic and cultural understanding, is and will continue to be super important. But today, marketing requires a broader skill set.

For example, consider how many marketers call themselves growth hackers or add “data-driven” behind their titles.

Today, marketing is a career that is equally about creativity as well as data science and high-tech engineering. This triangle makes “Golden marketers” – those who can work with data, code and still create killer creative that changes how people think.


This is why it’s hard to “Connect the Dots”. A quick story.

One of the reasons why I work in tech is because I am fascinated with creating products that help people live better lives. I love the whole journey – all the way from ideation to commercialization.

Part of that journey is product development. Coding. Coding?

How is it possible to design something simple with a line of code? I was fascinated!

I was fascinated! I wanted to know more!

But here was the challenge. There are so many coding languages and streams. Where should I start?

There are so many coding languages and streams. Where should I start?

I opened an account on CodeAcademy but did not know which language to learn first. Therefore I did not commit to anything. ūüôĀ

But I reminded myself that learning is always an evolving process.

After repetitively asking my friends and colleagues millions of questions, I started to better understand the world of coding.

And then it happened!

html500 how to learn codeI stumbled upon a local workshop called HTML500 which got me fired up!

I also logged back in into CodeAcademy and start executing different modules one by one.

Over time, I become proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and console commands.


Reflecting on this story, there are so many benefits to coding that can have a positive impact on many areas of your life.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn Code to be a Badass in Marketing

Here are some reasons you might like to start coding as well, especially if you want to be badass in marketing. In fact, learning how to code can help you deliver significantly greater results in marketing and become a more valuable person to work with.


#1 Coding Will Better Organize Your Thinking.

benefits of coding

Code equals structure. If you break the structure, you break the code and things don’t work. A code has a set of¬†rules and a hierarchy that people need to follow i.e. every cause has an effect.

Chances are that if you are a very creative marketer, to some degree, you can be easily distracted. Your creative juices flow like crazy, jumping from task to task and shuffling between to-do lists.

Coding does not work that way. When you code, you need to carefully categorize everything you are doing and be due diligent along the way.

If you apply that to your marketing routines, your processes will start getting more predictable and super organized! This way, I learned to manage multiple campaigns, oversee a variety of product launches or implement growth experiments in an effective manner.


#2 You Will Become More Effective When Leading Growth and Technical Projects.

product marketing

There is a shortage of killer product marketers in the tech industry. This is one of the reasons why so many companies struggle to reach product marketing fit Рthey simply miss it.

This image illustrates common reasons of why startups fail. Guess what’s #2.


Marketing is often a driver for finding out what customers really want, positioning your product on market and generating more leads to drive sales.

Most tech companies work in an open environment, where the goal of this cultural preference is to tear down silos between different teams and departments.

Understanding code will help you collaborate with different teams effectively and provide the right strategic direction for the future of your product.

For example, as a marketer, you are often called to work with engineering, UX, and product teams.

If you don’t understand “code” you might not know what is the best way to orchestrate the whole project, which may lead you to underestimate timelines, budget, and the resources that you will need.

I learned this lesson by seeing someone else make this mistake.


#3 You Will Better Understand Technology and the Forces that Drive Innovation.

A code is just a beginning for any future breakthroughs! Driverless cars, personal voice assistants, etc..

Looking at technology through the development perspective will open new horizons for a part of you that’s a visionary.

elon-musk-ai-human-machines-artificial-intelligence-teslaHere are some of my favorite resources to follow:

  • Subscribe to Product Hunt
  • Listen to podcast called “Future of Everything” from WSJ
  • Turn on Twitter notifications every time Elon Musk tweets
  • Skim through business news to find out about any mergers and acquisitions that can produce new breakthroughs

Additionally, at work, you will be able to make sound recommendations for the right technology stack.

If you want to be a creator of technology, you will need to get a handle on some best tools and solutions that are available on the market.


#4 You Will Know How to Speak to Any Developer.

Rest API, server calls, integrations, regress, bugs, shrug reports, scrum… These are few of the many words developers use. They might sound geeky but here is the benefit:

These are few of the many words developers use. They might sound geeky but here is the benefit:

Understanding the common dev terminology in context will help you participate at any dev meeting with absolute confidence. It will also make your developer team trust you more because they would know that you always understand what’s going on.

The longer I work in tech, the more I realize that marketing is more becoming integrated into products and services its self.

Mobile games are a great example. They are tactically designed to capture users attention with multiple marketing hooks Рluring users back to the app multiple times a day or encouraging small purchases. Some companies do this so well, that their users are starting developing habits causing an addiction.


#5 You Will Become More Valuable to Your Clients or an Employer.

High performers love learning skills that increase their personal worth. Right?

This article is less for people who work in large corporations, left behind in their cubicles. If you work in a fast-growing company that requires people to be resourceful and wears multiple hats, your skillset will become indispensable.

If you work in a fast-growing company that requires people to be resourceful and to wear multiple hats, builds yourself a reputation of being an adaptable problem solver.

This way, your skillset will become invaluable.



#6 You Will Be Able To Start a Business Fast.

According to small business trends, more than 1 in 4 millennials work a side hustle.

To me, the opportunity to create small niche businesses relatively fast and inexpensive is fascinating. The cool thing about technology is that it caters to everyone.

What do I mean by that?

For example, you don’t have to be a designer and still, you can use design application like Canva.com to produce a slick looking design. You can code a simple website in 1-3 days.

I talk to one of my friend the other day and she shared with me how she launched an e-commerce shop with a week – website, product catalog, payment gateway, promotional channels, drop shipping service and return policy.


#7 You will become a T-Shaped Marketer.

t shaped marketer growth mediaWhat is T-Shaped Marketer?

“T-shaped” refers to a marketer with multiple sets of marketing skills. This can range from content & SEO to advertising, PR, UX and web design, product development to data analytics.

Of course learning a variety of skills and collecting relevant experience requires a passion, time and discipline.



Marketing is really changing its landscape.

From traditional marketing to digital marketing to growth and data-driven marketing.

In companies that drive innovation, role specialization makes people restricted. What is required is an ability to be resourceful and something that in the tech industry is called “full stack”.

Full stack marketer is someone who can think creatively, analyze data and code high-tech solutions.

A powerful and badass combination, isn’t it?

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