4 Tips that must be part of your Backlink Strategy

Creating a backlink strategy is a necessary process to improving your website’s ranking. Backlinking is still very much an important component to SEO, therefore putting some time and effort into building a backlink strategy will bring increased traffic to your website. A high number of backlinks directed towards your website is a good measure of its credibility and importance. However, you must also be wary of not linking out to every site possible to avoid penalties. From the recent indications given from Google, quality will always supersede quantity when it comes to backlinking.

Where can I find my backlinks?

There are a few credible tools that will find the links to your site, but I’ll stick with Google Search Console for this content piece. You first start off by logging into Google Webmaster tools and clicking on your highlighted domain. From there, you’ll see the search traffic drop down and the location of your backlink reference. Google Webmaster webmaster won’t show every single link, but most of them are listed.


google search console backlinks


This graphic shows where to navigate in Google Search Console to find your backlinks. Clicking on the highlighted “Links to Your Site” sends you to this page. From there, you can view where your URLs are placed within a linking website’s content.


backling urls


This information will help you determine whether your strategy is working.

Search operator queries

Search operator queries is another way of finding backlinking opportunities. Many marketers use search operator queries as a guide to finding websites where they can post their content or articles for commenting opportunities, but search operator queries are very useful in other ways as well. Quora is one of the best platforms for finding commenting opportunities.

This is an example of how you can use search operators to find guest posting opportunities. Let’s say you’ve written a post about food and you wanted to find “foodie” friendly publishers, a search operator query that will help you reach your goal is “foodie” “submit your content”.

search operator example

Using that query above, Google will list websites that accept “foodie” related content. Then you can determine which sites you’ll be submitting your content to.

Search operator queries are useful for getting your content on relevant high authority websites. For those who’ve never used search operators before, I created this SlideShare with a list of queries you can use today.

From there, you can verify the domain authority of the potential websites you’re eyeing for guest posting opportunities. Remember that quality will always trump quantity when it comes to backlinks, therefore being meticulous in your selection process will bring you more value long term.

How do you verify domain authority?

There are a few different applications that will validate a website’s domain authority. I prefer using Moz or Ahrefs for SEO related platforms.

backlink strategy


As you can see, Moz offers some data that is useful for determining a domain’s credibility. Go through this step before linking to any website.

Linking expiring domains

Purchasing expiring domains is another simple way of boosting traffic to your site. I’ll write down a quick eight step process explaining how to use expiring domains to your advantage.

  1. Look for expiring domains on GoDaddy Auctions or other similar sites.
  2. Conduct a backlink analysis on the domain to verify that it’s free from spam.
  3. Look through the archive of the website.
  4. Verify that the domain is not banned from using Google Adsense using this tool.
  5. Check if the domain is indexed.
  6. Find out how powerful the domain is and validate the traffic it receives.
  7. Check whether the link has rel=”nofollow” to determine whether the page ranking will be transferred over.
  8. Link the domain to a relevant website and enjoy the boost in traffic.

There are a few other tips that I left out, but following those steps above should be sufficient in validating the domain.

Submitting graphics

Stock photography websites are platforms that you can take advantage of for your backlink strategy. One easy tactic is submitting your graphics to stock photography websites and asking for a credit back. Depending on the quality of your graphic, it will have the potential of getting traction and there’s no downside as it’s free promotion. You can start with sites listed in this article or simply do a quick search as there are many options to choose from.

Once you select the websites where you’ll be submitting your graphic, make your graphic shareable by creating an embedded code. Use a website like embed.ly to easily generate an embedded code that’s ready for use.

Broken link checker

The broken link tactic is quite popular because of its soft outreach approach and it’s a relatively simple way of getting a credible backlink. This backlink strategy works by scouring the web for sites that have broken links in their content and offering them the opportunity to use your content to replace the broken URLs.

A good thing about this tactic is that webmasters will likely replace the broken link because of how unprofessional it looks to keep them lingering without fixing. I got an email about replacing a broken link and made the change accordingly.

backlink building guide


You can use this tactic for new linking opportunities and to improve your old content’s ranking. If your content piece is similar to the broken link, the webmaster may replace the original link with yours.

How do you find broken links? One tool that I use for this tactic is brokenlinkcheck.com. Once you visit the website, enter the URL of the website you’re targeting and it will then conduct a search to reveal all of its broken links.



Once your research is complete, begin reaching out to webmasters with a prepared note detailing why they should make the change and offering them your domain as a replacement.


This is the first of the backlink strategy articles that I’ll be writing. These tips will help improve your website’s ranking as backlinking is still very much an important component to SEO. For more of the same content, subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll receive actionable content straight in your inbox.

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